If You’re Looking to Travel to Jordan for the First Time, Here Are Six Tips to Help Make Your Trip Go Smoothly

Improve your understanding of travel safety in Jordan

The Arab Spring that occurred in 2011 may have ended several years ago, but its effects are still present throughout the Middle East. In particular, Egypt’s continuous instability has discouraged tourism not only within its borders but also in neighboring countries like Jordan.In light of this, Jordan has aggressive campaign to not only great experiences and adventures, but that the country is safe. And it has been safe.

Please plan to see more than Petra

Petra might be the most popular tourist destination in Jordan, but there’s so much more to see and do in this amazing country. A week isn’t even close to enough time to explore all of the highlights that Jordan has to offer – you would need at least two weeks if possible.

The desert is a truly magical place, and there’s no better way to experience it than by spending a night at a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum. It sounds strange, but standing in the middle of an empty desert plain, looking up at the millions of stars overhead, I felt more connected to the world around me than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, take some time to explore Aqaba and the Red Sea. notorious for its beautiful snorkeling and scuba diving sites, the Red Sea is perfect if you want to avoid the desert heat. Jordan has plenty of activities no matter what your interests are.

The cuisine of Jordan is really delicious.

The amazing attractions in Jordan definitely blew me away, but what really won me over was the food. I’m not usually one to be picky about cuisine, but the food here was just so delicious. I think part of it appealed to me becausebread is such a big component of Jordanian cooking—and who doesn’t love bread? You may also get pounds of bread from bakeries for a buck or two. You may either eat it alone or with any of the other tiny dishes that make up the rest of Jordan’s cuisine. Hummus, ful, and falafel are all popular foods that are frequently served in big quantities to share with friends or hoard for yourself.

What to Wear in Jordan

Although the Middle East is often thought of as a hot, sandy region, the weather can be quite fickle. It snowed lightly on occasion in Amman and northern Jordan. If you want to visit attractions in those areas of Jordan, check ahead of time what the weather will be so that you are properly prepared. Also, the beliefs about the high temperature can be real, like when I was climbing around Petra on a terribly hot day. Clothing isn’t only concerning the weather; it’s also respectful to dress within cultural norms. For example, most  tourists from other countries are supposed to maintain a certain standard of decency when visiting religious areas. Of course, this does not have to be intense or difficult , but for both males and females , It would be best if you wore light-weight long pants and brought along a shawl when touring any type of sacred sites .

Be ready to make small talk with strangers.

Although it’s not a common occurrence, you might interact with negative people while traveling. However, more often than not, people are elated to see tourists and extend some sort of welcome. Some do this better than others–an even smaller number are actually sincere about their greeting. Jordan is one of these places where the locals go out of their way to make you feel at home.To put it bluntly, the people in Jordan were some of the most hospitable and kindest I have ever encountered while traveling. This is usually a contest that Thailand wins–Thais are famously known for their endless smiles and kindness–but Jordan has given them a real run for their money. Simple gestures, like giving me a cup of coffee or a loaf of bread was greatly appreciated, but it went beyond that. The people I met really wanted to connect with me on a deeper level and learn about my life too. They also took time out to teach me more about their culture which I found incredibly enriching. Yes the local food was delicious and there were plenty of tourist attractions, but – for more than anything else – I would return to Jordan just to be around the wonderful people again.

Relax and enjoy

Jordan is a fantastic destination to visit. However, like other tourist destinations, it’s best if you just relax and go with the flow. Amman may be hectic at times, but it isn’t overly so, and there are many peaceful spots to discover in the rest of the country. The rest of Jordan is energetic and cannot simply be described in one word, but your patience and flexibility as you seek out the finest that Jordan has to offer will always pay off with unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. During my stay, I felt safe and protected – enough so to go out on the streets of Amman at night in search for culinary delights. At no time while traveling throughout the country did I have second thoughts about my safety. Keep in mind that I am a white, 30-something American male writing this, so my experiences may not match up exactly with everyone else’s. Obviously, that is the case no matter where you go.

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