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Illustrator Commission Agreement

This model is intended to be used by independent illustrators who have been responsible for creating artworks for a client. The commission illustrator agreement is a simple contract. Once all the details that need to be finalised with the Commissioner have been confirmed, it is best to send the Illustrator Commissioner`s Agreement to the client to confirm the Commission before starting work on the Commission, so that both parties know the conditions from the outset. It is normal to accept that you know a little. No one knows everything in the illustration. Some veterans who have worked for eons in the industry are taking a break to take a new training to make sure they are up to date with the latest developments. If your illustration contract model allows, don`t hesitate to ask your colleagues for help. For this reason, independent illustrators are advised to connect with their friends, as well as with other professionals and creative minds. Such networks are essential for the liberal professions, which readily describe my contracts as confirmation of commitment that I present in a two-page document – one page lists the Commission`s basic information and the other page has the fine print. What do you need to run a successful free business as an illustrator? Depending on who you ask, you will probably get a variety of answers to this question.

Nevertheless, some responses will be similar. For example, there is no doubt that you need the right design skills to work in such an industry. Otherwise, you need the software and hardware. A few documents could also be useful in your career. The simple illustration of the presentation of the contract is such a document. I have found that contracts can vary from client to client and sometimes the Commissioner has his own contract (usually larger magazine and book publishers) while other clients look at you to provide the terms, or in some cases, there is a back-and-forth dialogue depending on what is ordered. Below is what I include in all my contracts and which is largely based on AOI`s recommendation, which should be included in a formal contract. Why should a client hire you to handle all your illustration projects? Isn`t the market filled with other independent illustrators who are equally experienced, well trained and very talented? The simple IllustrationS contract model can set you apart from any other freelancer. It can mark you as the individual. Customers who request the full purchase of an illustrator`s copyright must understand this and be prepared to compensate the illustrator in two or three times the price originally indicated. Illustrators Australia believes that customers do not have to buy copyrights.

Instead, we recommend applying for a limited exclusive license. This agreement (“Agreement”) is between My Company, Inc., referred to as “customer,” and the stage name, “Illustrator.” The agreement covers the development of graphs for businesses (hereafter referred to as “work”),: the model is written in two parts. The first page contains details of the work and license granted to the client and the client (if the client has hired the illustrator for a job he is working on for one of his own clients).


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