M25 Dartford Crossing Held After Serious Crash – As It Happened

Dartford Crossing

On the evening of March 2nd, a serious crash occurred on the M25 Dartford Crossing, leading to the closure of the crossing and causing significant traffic disruption for hours. Here is a breakdown of what happened.

The Crash

At around 6:30 pm on March 2nd, a serious crash occurred on the M25 Dartford Crossing, involving several vehicles. The details of the crash are still unclear, but early reports suggested that several people were injured and that the crash was causing significant traffic delays.

The Closure

Following the crash, the Dartford Crossing was closed in both directions, causing major traffic disruption for hours. The closure affected thousands of drivers, many of whom were stuck in long queues for hours.

Emergency services were quick to respond, with several ambulances and fire engines seen at the scene of the crash. The police also set up a diversion route to help ease congestion, but many drivers were still stuck in long queues for hours.

The Aftermath

As of the morning of March 3rd, the Dartford Crossing had reopened, but there were still significant delays and congestion in the area. According to reports, the crash caused miles of tailbacks on both sides of the crossing, with many drivers taking alternative routes to avoid the congestion.

The cause of the crash is still being investigated, and it is unclear at this time how many people were injured or the extent of their injuries.

Final Thoughts

The M25 Dartford Crossing is a crucial part of the UK’s road network, and any disruption can cause significant traffic delays and disruption. The serious crash on March 2nd is a stark reminder of the importance of safe driving and the need for drivers to be vigilant on the roads.

While the exact cause of the crash is still unknown, it serves as a reminder for drivers to stay alert, obey traffic laws, and drive safely to avoid accidents and injuries. In the meantime, those affected by the crash can only hope that the traffic situation will soon return to normal, and that all those involved in the crash make a full and speedy recovery.

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