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Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia, best recognized for its magnificent temples and monasteries, which are among the most beautiful and fascinating Buddhist places in the world. The construction of these monuments began prior to the tenth century AD, but they were frequently restored throughout the centuries as Myanmar has been severely hit by severe earthquakes. In any case, the magnificent architecture, which is frequently encrusted in gold and features enormous domes and colossal Buddha sculptures completely laminated, provides an exceptionally soothing and picturesque environment for photographers who want to capture the most beautiful moments or people interested in other civilizations. Myanmar is not only a nation of temples and pagodas: traditional works inlaid wood, lacquer objects produced exclusively with natural substances, or pearl artwork are just a few examples of ancient pieces that may be found in local shops and small family-owned businesses. To name a few, Bagan and Inle Lake region provide beautiful settings that are waiting to be discovered. Finally, while this option is still available on a few organized trips to Burma, genuine ethnic trips in tiny rural villages where customs and habits are even more entrenched than in rural areas throughout the country provide outstanding possibilities. For those of you looking for a paradise yet unknown to mass tourism with a cultural getaway, the Myeik Archipelago can serve as an ideal alternative.


Myanmar is a great destination for independent travel, and obtaining a good guidebook (such as Lonely Planet’s) will help you avoid “compressed” itineraries. To allow more time in the event of delays,If you want a specialized trip to Myanmar, there are numerous agencies (including local and unrelated to major international itineraries) that can arrange for driver and guide in your language, as well as all domestic flights and accommodations needed throughout the journey. A private tour booked in this manner may be totally tailored to your preferences and is certain to depart even with a single participant, although the prices rise as they are not divided among multiple people. If you just want a group trip to Myanmar with a set itinerary, there are several agencies and tour operators that provide this service (but always keep an eye on the minimum number of participants needed, especially if you choose to go during low season). This report was authored by one person and was prepared for one individual only. The trip described in this account took place in Myanmar, and it was arranged through Asia Tour Advisor as a unique itinerary for one passenger.


In Myanmar, there are a variety of accommodation options, ranging from basic guesthouses to four and five-star hotels. The idea of being hosted by a family is not to be taken into consideration since the government apparently forbids this sort of arrangement, perhaps to limit cultural interaction between tourists and locals. Myanmar is not particularly renowned for its culinary offerings; local cuisine consists primarily of curries and some soups, especially the lentil soup. Almost everywhere, tourists will discover at least a minimal amount of international cuisine, including Chinese and Thai dishes (European food is somewhat less frequently available).


You’ve just decided to visit this lovely nation, but you’re wondering what the greatest time of year is to visit Myanmar. Climatologically speaking, the ideal time to visit Myanmar is from November to February, when the temperature is lower and rainfall is minimal or practically absent. These months, on the other hand, are also the ones most popular among tourists from all around the world and avoiding travel during Chinese New Year is a fantastic plan because it typically sees an inflow of visitors from China (“Western” Christmas and New Year holidays should be avoided as well since they see a large number of travelers from Europe). In March, both temperature and rainfall increase gradually (April may be extremely hot), reaching a peak in May before beginning to decrease in September. October is an excellent balance between relatively consistent weather, temperatures that are not too hot, and a peaceful setting without too many visitors. However, keep in mind that this is primarily a cultural trip; therefore some rain isn’t much of an issue: you can simply wait inside a temple until the rain stops. The Golden Rock and Inle Lake are the only locations that should not be visited during the rainy season, as inclement weather might make excursions unpleasant (both require long trips by non-covered vehicles).

WHAT IS THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO VISIT MYANMAR?Aflight is the ideal method to see Myanmar if you don’t have the time to spend in the country. Internal connections are provided by several local airlines that operate mostly ATR-72 planes that can fly between Yangon and Mandalay in 90 minutes, or between Mandalay and Inle Lake in 20 (the same trip by car, with the current condition of the roads, takes 6-8 hours for both routes).     The bus may be an option, although the roads are still bad and can’t guarantee reasonable travel times (interesting nevertheless the opportunity to go at night, which saves on the expense of an overnight stay). For short journeys, renting a car with a guide and driver is probably the quickest and safest method; alternatively, you may rent a taxi for the number of hours you require: both options are very inexpensive.


Although the crime rate in Burma is currently much lower than that of most Western countries, it’s still unlikely that anybody will run away with your camera or passport since the country is safe. Violent crime is virtually unheard of, and people are quite pleasant, so most issues are quickly resolved with a smile. In any case, since Myanmar’s political situation may be rather delicate, it is advisable to avoid public gatherings along the country’s border lines, as they are likely to attract unwanted attention. For up-to-the-minute news, please check out the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website on your own country’s government.


Please check out our comprehensive guide to Myanmar travel tips, useful information before visiting and to better enjoy this beautiful nation:

  • Bring a pair of comfortable light sandals.: The only way you’re going to get up there is with bare feet (and no socks), so it’ll be tough to change your shoes and socks numerous times a day, every time you enter the courtyard of some sacred place. A pair of simple sandals that can be removed and worn quickly will solve the issue (you could also bring refreshing towels to clean your feet).
  • Women must wear a headdress and long clothing above the knee (it’s still beneficial to use that apparel when going out in the city).
  • The country’s banking system is underdeveloped, and the vast majority of transactions are conducted in cash. The euro is more readily accepted than the dollar, but new bills must be issued after 2006 and must be in excellent condition. At airports, you may exchange foreign currency at a favorable rate and minimal cost.
  • Choose modest hotels that allow the money to reach those who need it. Location is also extremely important.
  • Always check the seal on the bottle cap before drinking, even in a hotel. Bottled water is available for free in every accommodation.
  • Women are not permitted to enter certain houses of worship, since they may not approach closer than a specific “borderline” (which happens rarely anyhow).
  • In tourist destinations such as Yangon, Mandalay, and Bagan, there is no danger of malaria: in any case, it’s a good idea to use repellents and dress correctly.

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