Oman: The Bradt Guide

Oman is an interesting destination because it has an unassuming vibe but offers modern architecture that you don’t want to miss. It’s one of those places you should visit before as well as return to in the future.

Oman is a new tourist destination, but it has been visited for centuries. By going deeper into history, Oman has hosted trade with the USA since George Washington’s time in 1790. It also was mentioned by Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo as a trading hub.

Oman is a country that’s always ready to welcome visitors and make them feel at home. Since 1970, the country has enjoyed increasing stability and prosperity, making it a very desirable destination for travelers. Oman’s economy fluctuates in step with changes in the price of oil and this allows travelers to enjoy an excellent standard of living when they’re on holiday in Oman.

Muscat has well-maintained roads with street lighting, a great selection of lodging options and a gorgeous backdrop. If you fly into Oman at night, you’ll see ribbons of light extending throughout the country. In the north, an impressive tarmacked and fully lit 26 km road will take you from

the plains up into the mountains at 2000 meters. Here you can relax and gaze out from the edge of a cliff 1,000 meters below or meander through fields of fragrant pink damask roses. Also in the north is Oman’s largest lake-like “fjord,” called Ragnar, which is ideal for scuba diving and offers a hidden beach not frequented by tourists that’s perfect for picturesque moments to share with locals. The southern governorate of Dhofar is perhaps one of Oman’s most entrancing regions with stunning white sand beaches lapped by the Arabian Sea just steps away as well as pristine seasonal cloud forests in nearby regions – it also boasts Dune 45, one of the tallest dunes in all of Arabia! Ahli Muscat Palace Resort just steps from shore, offering access to some of Muscat’s finest accommodations all with spectacular views along Oman’s joyful coastline.

Oman is one of the world’s most developed nations because of a remarkable change over the last 50 years. The changes began when Sultan Qaboos took over in 1970, and they’ve continued largely unchecked since then. As always, visiting Salalah is a great way to see how it has changed from a place that was drab, sparse and uninteresting before to a pleasant city-center bustling with life and vitality.

Whether you’re traveling alone with this Bradt guide as your companion or with a local guide, the experience is what makes Oman truly special. You’ll be exploring the mysteries and wonders of the desert along the way, making discoveries and marveling at what Mother Nature has to offer.

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