An Open Letter to My Two Little Sisters

Time flies over us, but leaves it shadow behind – Nathaniel Hawthorne

The reason why I decided to dedicate my article today is because I really miss both of you. Time flies so fast and I can never imagine that we are all grown-ups now. Everything seems different these days. We’re all now taking our own paths of life. We can now decide on our own and we can now choose the things that we think is best for us. We now have our own carreers, and little by little, we are making our way to the success that we once dreamed of when we were young.

I feel like it was just yesterday when we were fighting over food, toys and even with those simple things like – who’s going to wash the dishes, cook the rice or clean the floor. I missed the nights when it’s bedtime and none of us would want to go first into our room upstairs because all of us are afraid of the ghosts. We were always forced to go to sleep whenever mom had a broom on her hand and was about to hit us with it just so we would obey. I remembered those funny moments when we are always competing against our neighbors saying that we were richer than they were. But what I really missed the most was seeing both of you everyday, which rarely happens these days because of our different schedules at work. Also, I know both you have now other priorities – your boyfriends (seriously, I am not trying to sound sarcastic here). Please be reminded that I am still your first boyfriend, aside from Dad. I’m not jealous because both of you are in a relationship now and I’m still single, I’m jealous because I know that soon your full attention will go to them and to other things that you want to do.

To Yhen: I know you know that we had the most numbers of fights when we were way younger. I always teased you about something and when you’re about to cry, I always try to stop you because both of us will be scolded by our parents when they see us fighting again. But, I never regret those times because those were some of the reasons why our relationship grew stronger. Do you remember the time when you’re planning to work abroad and everything was already processed then suddenly I forced mom and dad to convince you not to go abroad? I don’t want you to leave us, not because I am capable of buying or paying everything we needed, since I was earning a lot that time, but because I don’t want you to feel the hardship of living away from the family. I’d rather choose to live a simple life where we are complete than live a luxurious life but away from each other. I know you have so much ahead of you and I’m very excited for that. I’m always here for you as your brother and I will never let you go. I love you so much.


To Shiela: Ever since we were kids, even until today, you’re still our youngest sweet sibling that we knew. We often see you getting angry, however, you always choose to cry in silence when something bad happens. You never fight back when we tease you, that’s why we always feel guilty whenever we make you cry. I really admire your kindness that’s why I promised to myself that I will choose a girl like you that I will marry someday. I’m proud to be there for your college studies and when you need everything to finish your course. I will always love you and protect you in every way I can.
I’m so excited for the things ahead of us. We once dreamt of this and now it’s already here. It’s now in our hands. It’s up to us how we live our lives. I pray that God will be the center of your every decisions in life. I love you both!

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Author: Vinz

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