Rome Reimagined: Discovering Seven Fresh and Exciting Experiences in The Eternal City


Rome, the Italian capital, rich in history, culture, and timeless charm, continues to fascinate its visitors with an ever-evolving array of experiences. From contemporary art spaces nestled in ancient ruins to the thriving culinary revolution, Rome constantly reinvents itself while still retaining its historic roots. If you’re planning a visit to Rome and wondering what new and exciting activities this ancient city offers, this guide will reveal seven fresh experiences to make your Roman holiday unforgettable.

1. MAXXI: National Museum of 21st Century Arts

Rome is often celebrated for its ancient ruins and classical art, but nestled within its historical landscape lies an exceptional tribute to modern culture. Venture off the traditional tourist path to MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts. This destination marks Italy’s first-ever national institution devoted to contemporary creativity, positioning it as a significant platform for artists of the present era.

Designed by the late Zaha Hadid, an acclaimed British-Iraqi architect, the museum is a work of art in itself. Its bold, innovative, and futuristic design contrasts beautifully against Rome’s predominantly classical backdrop. With a fluid space that challenges conventional architecture, MAXXI offers an enriching atmosphere, further amplified by its dynamic collection of 21st-century art and architecture. This makes the museum a must-visit for enthusiasts seeking to explore the vibrant and evolving facets of modern culture within Rome’s historical milieu.

2. Tour of Rome’s Ostiense District

Step into a vibrant world of creativity and expression with a visit to Rome’s Ostiense district. Historically an industrial zone, Ostiense has undergone a radical transformation, evolving into a thriving hub of street art. Today, it stands as a testament to the city’s dynamic urban culture, with international artists using its buildings as their canvas.

The massive murals that adorn the district’s structures breathe life into Rome’s urban landscape, offering a contemporary, colorful commentary on Rome’s societal narratives and cultural ethos. Each mural has a story to tell, reflecting the unique perspectives of the artists. Embarking on a guided street art tour through Ostiense will provide an intimate insight into this open-air gallery, allowing you to appreciate the district’s transformative journey from an industrial outpost to a vibrant symbol of Rome’s flourishing urban culture.

3. Savor the New Wave of Roman Cuisine

Experience the culinary revolution of Roman cuisine at Trattoria Epiro, an innovative dining destination nestled near Piazza Vittorio. As the city’s food scene evolves, Trattoria Epiro stands at the forefront, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. This restaurant takes the essence of Roman culinary heritage and adds a dash of modernity, creating a unique dining experience that is both familiar and novel.

At Trattoria Epiro, expect to find a menu filled with classic pasta and meat dishes, but with a refreshing twist. Each dish is carefully crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and their devotion to seasonal produce means the culinary offerings evolve throughout the year. The ever-changing menu ensures that each visit presents a unique gastronomic journey. Here, every bite tells a story of Rome’s past, intertwined with its present, presenting a delicious narrative of the city’s evolving culinary landscape.

4. Enjoy a Virtual Reality Experience of Rome’s Past

Embrace the cutting-edge technology and delve deep into the annals of Rome’s history with the “Welcome to Rome” experience. This immersive show leverages the power of virtual reality, creating an interactive journey through time that’s quite unlike any conventional history lesson. As you don your VR headset, the border between the past and present dissolves, and you find yourself standing in the heart of ancient Rome.

This 3D spectacle offers a front-row seat to witness the rise and fall of one of the greatest civilizations in history. Explore the magnificent Colosseum and the bustling Roman Forum in their original glory, and watch as legendary events unfold around you. The “Welcome to Rome” experience offers a unique opportunity to traverse time, offering an unforgettable and comprehensive insight into the city’s rich historical tapestry.

5. Explore Rome’s Latest Shopping Scene

Indulge in Rome’s burgeoning retail landscape with a visit to the newly established Rinascente Department Store. Located near the iconic Spanish Steps, this addition to Rome’s shopping scene stands as a one-stop luxury shopping destination. The store, housed in a historically rich building, elegantly blends the city’s heritage with a cosmopolitan shopping experience.

Rinascente offers an extensive range of high-end fashion labels, luxury home decor, premium beauty products, and an impressive gourmet food selection. After indulging in a shopping spree, ascend to the store’s rooftop terrace. Here, you can unwind with a panoramic view of Rome’s cityscape, turning your shopping excursion into a leisurely, enjoyable experience. With its unique blend of retail luxury and historical grandeur, Rinascente adds a refreshing touch to Rome’s retail scene.

6. Try the New Escape Games

For thrill-seekers and puzzle enthusiasts, Rome’s burgeoning Escape Room scene provides an exhilarating departure from the city’s historical attractions. This immersive gaming experience offers a unique blend of adventure, mystery, and teamwork. Players are locked within a themed room, faced with a series of intricate puzzles and clues that they must decipher to make their escape within a set time limit.

What sets Rome’s Escape Room games apart is the diverse array of themes that resonate with the city’s rich history and culture. Challenges range from unraveling ancient Roman mysteries to solving contemporary thrillers, ensuring a captivating experience regardless of the chosen theme. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to escape rooms, these interactive games offer a fresh, exciting, and uniquely Roman way to enjoy your visit to the city.

7. Experience Rome’s Rooftop Cinema

Take your cinematic experiences to new heights by indulging in Rome’s latest trend – rooftop cinema. This unique open-air experience blends the magic of movies with the mesmerizing beauty of Rome’s skyline, creating an unforgettable night under the stars. Rooftop cinemas in Rome have been gaining popularity, offering locals and tourists an exciting new way to enjoy classic and contemporary films.

Venues like Hotel Mediterraneo and Casa del Cinema host these outdoor movie nights, combining stunning panoramic views of the city with high-quality film screenings. As the sun sets and the Roman skyline twinkles to life, immerse yourself in a captivating movie, accompanied by the gentle night breeze. With the starlit sky as your ceiling and Rome’s cityscape as your backdrop, rooftop cinema promises a memorable movie-watching experience, adding a novel dimension to Rome’s vibrant nightlife.


While Rome’s awe-inspiring ancient ruins and historic landmarks continue to captivate visitors from around the globe, this Eternal City is also a vibrant hub of modern experiences. The fresh perspective provided by the seven innovative attractions highlighted in this guide offers a unique insight into Rome’s evolving spirit. From the dynamic street art in the Ostiense district to the innovative culinary delights of Trattoria Epiro, there are endless opportunities to engage with Rome’s progressive side.

The thrill of immersive escape games and the unique charm of rooftop cinema nights further demonstrate how the city is embracing the new while celebrating its rich past. As you immerse yourself in these novel experiences, you’ll discover the city’s unique ability to weave together threads of tradition and modernity. This fusion creates a captivating tapestry that makes Rome a timeless city, forever able to reinvent itself while maintaining its historic charm. Exploring these new facets of Rome, you’re sure to find yourself falling in love with the city all over again.

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