Summer Destinations in the Philippines – Top 7 Destinations You Want to Visit to Beat the Heat


As the summer approaches, many people are looking for places to escape the heat. Unfortunately, many of these places are not as safe or welcoming as they may seem. In this blog post, we will explore seven destinations that offer a more pleasant summer experience. From world-famous beaches to lush rainforest reserves, these places will give you everything you need to beat the heat.


Boracay is known for its clear waters, white sand beaches and lush tropical foliage. The island is perfect for a sunny vacation in the Philippines during the summer months. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, from swimming and sunbathing to scuba diving and snorkeling. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, there are also plenty of restaurants and bars to explore. Boracay also has some interesting cultural attractions, like the Old Spanish Fortress and the Magellan Shrine.


Summertime in the Philippines is synonymous with heat and humidity. However, there are still some amazing places to visit that will help beat the heat. In Sagada, you can climb Mount Apo—one of the country’s most popular destinations for hikers. There are also plenty of other things to do in Sagada such as hiking and biking trails, swimming in a hot spring, exploring cave systems, and birdwatching. If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, consider staying in one of Sagada’s many peaceful villages or towns.


Summer in the Philippines is synonymous with sun, sand, and seaside resorts. Palawan is the perfect place to escape the scorching heat of Manila and enjoy some of the best beaches in the country. The island is also home to some of the country’s most fascinating wildlife, including the iconic Komodo dragon. Palawan also has a wide variety of ecosystems, from rain forests to mangroves.

There are numerous resorts on Palawan that offer a range of amenities, from luxury all-inclusive resorts to simple beachfront hotels. If you want to explore the island on your own, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails to take in the natural beauty.

La Union 

If you’re looking for a summer getaway that will keep you cool and comfortable, consider visiting La Union. This province in the Philippines is blessed with a temperate climate year-round, making it an ideal destination to escape the heat of the Philippine sun. Whether you’re looking to take in some amazing scenery or relax by the beach, La Union has something for everyone. 

One of the province’s most popular tourist destinations is Angeles City, which is known for its lively nightlife and stunning colonial architecture. For a more relaxing experience, head to the beaches of Puerto Princesa city or explore the lush rainforests of Palawan. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy La Union’s delicious food and refreshing cocktails – it’s sure to be a memorable experience!


If you’re looking to get a bit of peace and tranquility while in Batanes, the rolling hills, vast greenery, and clean environment are sure to be breathtaking. Ivatans locals are known for their kind and helpful nature, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to your trip. 

Activities you can enjoy in Batanes include hiking and mountain biking, as well as swimming and snorkeling. If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, head to the nearby towns for some delicious local cuisine or take a leisurely stroll through the quaint villages.

Lake Sebu

If you’re looking for a breezy, refreshing summer vacation spot in the Philippines, look no further than Lake Sebu. This wide and shallow freshwater lake is situated in the Cordillera Administrative Region of Luzon and offers visitors plenty of things to do while away from the sun. Aside from swimming, boating, and windsurfing, there are plentiful opportunities for nature lovers to explore the area’s varied flora and fauna.

Lake Sebu is also great for food-lovers. The lake district has a number of restaurants that serve up fresh local seafood dishes as well as Western favorites. And if you’re looking for an escape from the heat, make sure to check out one of Lake Sebu’s many beautiful resorts.


If you’re looking for a tropical getaway this summer, consider visiting one of the Philippines’ top destinations – Siargao. This small island in the province of Surigao del Norte is known for its serene beauty and unrivaled white-sand beaches. 

Siargao can be reached by plane or boat, and there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from. From basic rooms to villas with private pools and gardens, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the stunning views.

While Siargao is definitely a dream destination for travelers looking for an escape from the urban world, it’s also a great place to explore. The island is home to several small villages and traditional farming communities, as well as several impressive nature reserves. If you’re up for a hike, take a stroll through the lush jungle or explore the crystal-clear waters of one of the island’s many coves.

If all this talk of relaxation is making you stressed out, there’s no need to worry – Siargao has plenty of activities to keep you entertained. From swimming in the clear waters to exploring the island’s landscape, there’s something for everyone on Siargao.

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