Suriname Safety Travel Tips


Is Suriname Safe to Visit? Suriname Safety Travel Tips.

The Republic of Suriname, located on the northeastern Atlantic Coast of South America, is rich with roaring rivers, tropical rainforests, and ethnic diversity. The country also offers visitors a chance to explore its Dutch colonial history.

Paramaribo is the largest city and capital of Suriname, which has a population of more than 300,000 people. While you may be shocked by the cities of Suriname, which are modern and have a nightlife that you would not expect, the most fascinating aspect of this nation is without a doubt its wild and thick jungle.

In terms of diversity, you may encounter Chinese, indigenous Amerindian people, Indians, Indonesians, and Africans as well as descendants of Dutch and British settlers who have now become locals. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy and delight your taste buds with the cuisine specific to these groups – naturally spicy food will be included.

But, of course, you may wonder if Suriname is a safe country to visit since it’s in South America. While Suriname has numerous beautiful sites and a variety of cultures and beliefs to explore, it also has some hazardous areas. As a result, we’ll take a risk assessment and address the issue of whether or not Suriname is safe for tourists in the following sections. So stay tuned because things are about to get interesting.

The Risks You Expose Yourself to When Visiting SurinameOverall Risks in Suriname: HIGH´╗┐

Suriname is a relatively safe destination to visit. The majority of visitors have no issues or other extraordinary events, however you should remain on your toes at all times because armed robbery, violent crime, and burglary are all common in Suriname. Paramaribo’s mayoralty is affected by most of the aforementioned circumstances, particularly after dark, as it has been labeled lawless at night.

Despite its beauty, gorgeous beaches and lush rainforests, Suriname is not without its dangers. Areas like Moengo, Albina, Palm Garden and the East-West Highway between Paramaribo and Albina should be avoided as they have a high risk status for burglary and pickpocketing. The current president of Suriname’s son has also been arrested for trying to set up terrorist camps which can influence the overall safety status of the country. Additionally, demonstrations are known to occur from time to time with protests against illegal Brazilian miners or immigrants.

Since 1980, there have been multiple military coups in Suriname. However, the current president has worked hard to improve relations with other countries and organizations. The risk of terrorism is quite low; however, visitors should always be alert and aware of their surroundings.

Pickpocketing and Theft Risks in Suriname: HIGH

Pickpocketing and theft are two additional threats that you should be aware of while traveling in Suriname. When it comes to these, you must exercise caution, particularly in the capital’s main shopping and commercial areas. Robbery is very prevalent here, so avoid flaunting any costly goods, jewelry, or other valuables. Paramaribo is a beautiful city, but it can be dangerous after dark. The Torarica Hotel’s entertainment center is the only safe place to visit after sunrise. All other areas of the city and country should be avoided at night, especially Palm Garden. If you want to explore Suriname safely, book a tour with a reputable company. According to reports, Suriname is generally safe, but there have been more robberies and some violent crime in recent years .

  • How to avoid pickpocketing and theft in Suriname?

As previously said, there are a few things you must do to avoid pickpocketing and theft while in Suriname. Given that this is one of Suriname’s high-risk areas, it should be handled with care. As a result, be careful about how you leave your accommodation. We’re talking about the amount of jewelry you’re wearing, any gadgets you intend to use, and the money you want to bring with you out of your room. You are a tourist, so the jewelry should be either minimal or non-existent in order for it to make sense.

Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry around various items to deter potential robbers. All you need is your phone for emergencies and your camera to capture the journey. When not in use, keep them within arm’s reach in a bag or front pockets.

In terms of cash, only the most crucial issues matter. Walk around town with large amounts of money on you. If you’re robbed or pickpocketed, don’t lose more than what’s necessary to ruin your vacation. Keep your original ID and passport handy in the hotel so you can use copies of them if required.

Scam Risk in Suriname: MEDIUM

Of course, when it comes to determining how safe Suriname is for tourists, scams must be taken into account. While there have been no reports of large scamming incidents, it’s a good idea to plan for this in case it happens. It was stated earlier that pickpocketing is becoming increasingly common on Surinamese streets, especially at night; therefore you should remain cautious during the day as attackers may also resort to hoaxes.

  • How to avoid being scammed in Suriname?
  • Try to avoid talking to locals or allowing them to help you, as they may request money afterward. Also, only withdraw money from banks and not ATMs outside, as those might be rigged or cause you to get robbed.If you have been scammed, the best next step is to immediately tell the authorities so they can deal with the issue.

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