The Best Surfing Spots in Grenada for Beginners

In 2022-2023, you’ll be able to unwind from the everyday grind and explore the world’s famous sights while on a Grenada vacation. It makes sense that Grenada has been dubbed the Spice Island; it is one of the world’s leading producers of spices. Due to the large number of spices found on Grenada, a blend of all those delicious and fresh spices permeates throughout the island. The people of Grenada are extremely warm and welcoming to visitors, which is why you’ll discover that they’re some of the most friendly in the Caribbean. There’s nothing quite like sunbathing on a beautiful white-sandy beach, snorking or scuba diving in crystal blue seas, or strolling around town on either a night out or just for the fun of it. Grenada has something to offer everyone, from advice on traveling to Grenada.

When planning your trip to Grenada, when is the best time to go?Grenada is lovely no matter when you come, with a wet season from July to November and dry season December to June. Although there’s a chance of rain if you visit during the wetter months, it shouldn’t affect your trip too much.If you’re searching for a beach getaway that won’t be plagued by rain, Grenada is the place to visit. The humidity level can be high, but brief rains occur at night. December hotel prices are reasonable and few visitors arrive during this month, however that changes once New Year’s Eve arrives.

Where Is Grenada On The Map?

Grenada, located 432 km (268 miles) northeast from the coast of Venezuela and 261 km (162 miles) southwest of Barbados, is a small mountainous island. It offers tourists stunning views, a museum, High North Nature Reserve and various water sports activities. However, what sets it apart are its two sister islands – Carriacou and Petite Martinique. While both these islands aren’t very large themselves; Carriacou has managed to gain favor among tourists looking for more secluded yet active holidays as compared to Petite Martinique

Capital City Of Grenada

There are many fun activities and memorable landmarks awaiting you on your Grenada vacation. While it’s definitely worth checking out all the different parts of the island, don’t miss spending some time in vibrant St. George, the capital city. With its winding narrow streets, snug shops and verdant hillsides, it’s easy to see why this is Grenada’s most populous city with around 35,559 residents. The nicest harbor in the Caribbean is in Grenada’s capital, St. George’s Harbor, which is a submerged volcanic crater shaped like a horseshoe.

St. George’s Market Square is a great place to pick up cool souvenirs and gifts from your Grenada vacation. You’ll find spices, freshly produced Grenadian sauces, and handcrafted items among other things. Make a point of seeing the island’s ancient forts, such as Fort Frederick and Fort St George, while in the capital of Grenada.

Population In Grenada

According to statistics, Grenada’s population was estimated at 107,319 in June, 2016. The median age is 27.6 years old. Despite the fact that you may encounter a few white people on the island, the majority of its inhabitants are African in origin. Roman Catholicism is Grenada’s major religion; however, other faiths such as Anglicanism, Methodism, Seventh-Day Adventist and Baptist exist too.

Local Language In Grenada

Patois is a dialect in Grenada that has elements of both French and African languages, though English is the official language. Even if you don’t understand everything being said, all Grenadians also speak perfect English so there’s no need to worry on your vacation.

How To Get To Grenada

All-inclusive vacations to Grenada are a wonderful option for families with young children, as they provide all of the entertainment and amenities that their kids need without having to worry about arrangements. There are several buses depart from various places in Saint George’s and drive to points such as The Garden Route town of Knysna or St. George’s itself. From there, tourists can take the direct route by foot through Plettenburg Forest Park, which is only accessible by walking trail or two minutes away via horseback riding along beautiful sandy beaches or go on tours around the largest rainforest in tropical North America at Constant Spring National Park. Nonstop flights to Grenada are available from all major cities throughout the world, including New York, Toronto, Frankfurt, London and Atlanta. Several airlines fly into Grenada on a daily basis stopping at Maurice Bishop International Airport in St. George’s near some of the resorts and hotels near it. If visitors want to continue their trip to Carriacou or Petite Martinique, local flights are also available for their convenience that operate multiple times each day to Carriacou.

Carriacou and Petite Martinique are not as popular as Grenada as tourist destinations, but they are smaller islands with fewer resorts and entertainment in general. However, some people choose these locations to unwind from their daily routines and have a more laid-back Grenada holiday. The quickest way to get there is by taking one of the scheduled flights. It’s a 45-minute flight that departs from Grenada’s capital and is ranked as the most popular mode of transportation. There are two main choices for getting to the islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique: flying or taking a ferry.

Water taxis from Grenada to Petite Martinique and Carriacou are a viable alternative to air travel and ferry service; however, they are privately owned and do not adhere to a set plan. You’ll need to phone ahead and make a reservation.

Grenada Vacation Options

For those looking to visit Grenada on a budget, various accommodation options are available, such as all-inclusive resorts, non all-inclusive resorts, villas, guesthouses and apartment complexes. If you choose an all-inclusive or non all-inclusive resort for your stay, be sure to confirm what is included in the price to avoid any additional costs. Some resorts might include meals in their packages while some others might resort to an a la carte menu. Remember that all-inclusive resorts will make you pay for your drinks and dinner separately. To avoid being caught off guard, it is best practice to check with the front desk prior to booking. If you are renting out an apartment or villa, then be aware that meal expenses will lie on your shoulders as well as organizing activities for yourself during your stay.

Food In Grenada

Grenada is recognized for producing some of the world’s finest spices, including cinnamon sticks, ginger, wild coffee, allspice berries, and of course nutmeg and mace. The island nation’s livestock are fed with rich and lush vegetation that makes their meat dishes enticing and tasty.

The great thing about Grenada vacations is that there is something for everyone, no matter their budget. You can find high-end restaurants with a dress code or simple street cafes serving fresh and delicious meals. No matter where you go, you’re sure to enjoy the food on this island paradise.

The national dish of Grenada is Oil Down, a delectable stew made with saltfish, smoked herring or salt beef, breadfruit, turmeric, dumplings and taro leaves. This dish is cooked in coconut milk until the milk has been absorbed by all ingredients–you’ll know it’s ready when there’s just coconut oil left at the bottom of the pot. Some popular street foods for locals include fish cakes, aloo pie (a samosa filled with spiced mashed potatoes and vegetables), raisin ice cream rolls and guava cheese.

Safety In Grenada

Grenada is a very secure island to visit. Of course, while traveling anywhere in the world, constant security precautions should always be considered, but visitors to Grenada will feel secure and protected when they vacation here. To ensure a safe and worry-free Grenada holiday, avoid wandering alone in isolated regions or after dark, walking along the beach’s shore line after dark, and leaving valuables in open areas.

Keep your valuables secure in the hotel safe or a security box, and keep your things with you at all times. If you’re planning on attending a late-night party outside of your resort or villa, travel with a group of pals or at least another person. Please note that if you need to order a taxi, do so through a well-known firm that is licensed to operate in Grenada.

The Machineel tree is one of the many poisonous hazards on Grenada, and it is especially dangerous during rain. The milky sap, fruits, and leaves of the tree are all poisonous, and contact with any part of the tree can be fatal in some cases. If you are on vacation in Grenada, always be sure to avoid contact with thistree. If you do not feel comfortable staying in your vehicle, go somewhere else for shelter or just stay beneath your canopy. Extreme heat, swelling, blindness, and even death can result from coming into direct contact with this extremely toxic plant.

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