The Seven Most Historic Places to Visit in US

New York and Brooklyn are popularly known for their active nightlife and entertainment industry. But what many people miss out on their trip to these places is the historical places in these cities. There are plenty in the US cities of New York, Brooklyn and Arizona for the followers of art and history. To enjoy everything these US cities has to offer, most tourists are trying to get a green card. It means you have been authorized to live and work in this country on a permanent basis. One of the benefits of getting a is you may travel outside the U.S. and return without disrupting your status.

The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

places to visit in US

The Grand Canyon National Park is the one of the major tourists’ attraction in Arizona. It is an amazing sight with marvelous geological structures and wild life. It is a place for camping, wildlife seeing and much more. River trips, trekking and hiking are also available. A trip to Grand Canyon is both enjoyable and adventurous.

The statue of Liberty, New York

places to visit in US

The statue of liberty is a symbol of freedom and is of great historical importance to the nation. It was a gift to the independent nation of America by France. The statue is of goddess Libertas, the roman goddess, with broken chains in her feet. This is the symbol of victory over slavery of physical and mental nature. The statue is open for visitors but in limited numbers. Every year there are millions of visitors flowing in to see this immense structure which is surrounded by water. Earlier, it also served as a light house, although now it is purely a monument. The goddess holding the torch is an icon of the light of freedom. The visitors can climb up till the head of the statue. The entry to the torch is restricted.

The statue is located in New York city which is a center for global economic and entertainment activities.

The Officers’ Club, Brooklyn

The Officers’ club in Brooklyn is a magnificent building built in the medieval period. It is close to Brooklyn where there is availability of easy transport and accommodation. Brooklyn Hotels are equipped with all facilities and luxuries. The Officer’s club is a symbol of the area’s art history and cultural heritage. Weeksville Heritage center is also a similar icon of Brooklyn’s rich cultural history.

In addition to this there is also the Old First Reformed Church which is also thronged by millions of people every year because of its marvelous architecture and art. The artistic carvings are exquisite and attracts many connoisseurs of art from across the world.

Museums in New York

Although the city of New York is most famous for its entertainment industry and nightlife, there are also many museums and monuments here. There are Museum of the city of New York, Destroyer Escort Historical Museum, Tenement Museum, American Museum of Natural History to name a few. There is plenty of amusing items on display in these museums ranging from natural history to cultural history. This kind of art are definitely only handled by art logistics. They are a library in themselves for study of art, history and culture. One can find immense works of artistic and historical importance in the museums and libraries of the city which is matchless to any part of the world. This kind of art are definitely only handled by trustworthy art logistics to ensure their legitimacy.

The Brooklyn Bridge

places to visit in US

It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country with a sprawling view of the East river. There are luxurious Brooklyn Hotels and travel facilities leading to the Brooklyn Bridge. There are few national parks and sanctuaries surrounding the area. With the East River flowing by the side, Brooklyn is host to many natural parks and water sport activities. If you are on a visit to New York, visiting Brooklyn is a must.

Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church, Brooklyn

Not very far from the Brooklyn city, is the Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church which is an iconic historical monument. This European/ Dutch style church is an example of amalgamation of European culture in the US.

Jewish Museum, Brooklyn

Jewish Museum, located in Brooklyn, is a collection of Jewish heritage and cultural souvenirs brought in from different parts of the world. It is a museum dedicated to the single community of Jews to preserve their lost heritages.

From European to African culture, the United States of America has traces of various influences in its history. The influx of the Europeans and the enslaving of the Africans and Caribbean have left indelible marks on art and culture of this country resulting its hybrid culture. US is a complete delight for any visitor.

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