The Top 5 Things to Do on a Trip Around the Vendée Coast in France


The Western coast of Vendée, France, is a beautiful stretch of sand dunes and secluded beaches that offers up to 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. Vendée is an attractive destination for great weather due to its average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit).

Vendée is a lovely French wine region where tourists can learn about the history of wine and taste some of the best vineyard tours and bespoke wine producers in France. With ports that produce delectable seafood dishes including mussels and oysters, Vendée is one of the finest places to eat fish in France.

The region, located in the heart of Provence, is a must-see for travelers seeking a peaceful retreat. The region’s preserved ancient culture distinguishes it from other well-known holiday destinations. Here are five reasons why you should visit this area in 2017.


Vendée is a region known for producing fine wines and attracting tourists from around the world. Vendée wine regions distinguish themselves from others by offering visitors some of the most renowned vineyards in France, as well as opportunities to tour vineyards on horseback or taste salty wines infused with sea salt from the coast wind.

Brem sur mer, Vix, Mareuil, Pissotte, and Chantonnay are some of the Wine Départements where wines with the AOC wine Fiefs Vendéens label are produced. There are several excursions available for families and couples that cater to their demands and requirements.

If you’re planning on purchasing a wine cooler, you may find yourself wondering if a thermoelectric wine cooler is the best choice. One of the main benefits of thermoelectric wine coolers is that they are quiet and they don’t vibrate. Vibrations are detrimental to the aging process of wine—a thermoelectric wine cooler can help preserve your investment.


The Vendée Globe is held each year in the Vendée region of France, which has given rise to a great sailing culture. From across the world, boaters and sailors come to the coast to participate..

The best sailing conditions can be found along the Atlantic Coast, making it a fantastic experience for tourists. Sailing allows you to enjoy the calming atmosphere of the ocean while also providing the opportunity to see another side of the shoreline.

I had the opportunity to sail with our knowledgeable skipper, who gave me a brief sailing lesson as we cruised along the beautiful coast.

Oyster farms

France, with its world-renowned wines and exquisite cuisine, is commonly associated with the finest oysters in the world. The French are Europe’s biggest consumers of oysters, with over 130,000 metric tonnes produced each year throughout the country.

Farm visits can be arranged at several oyster farms in the Vendée coast open to the public, where you will learn about production before taking part in a tasting session. The region’s abundance of marshes has made ideal conditions for production since the 1950s, allowing oysters to be farmed there.

Their legendary oysters, which are renowned for their invigorating saltiness and characteristic flavor suited to the Vendée, are now being produced at a much higher level than in the past. I visited Port du Bec, where I was greeted by enthusiastic farmers who revealed to me their local customs and agricultural practices.


The stunning French Riviera is known for its beautiful beaches, golden sands, and wonderful weather. Vendée has welcomed tourists from all over the world for a hundred years, offering a string of beachside hotels, restaurants, and local attractions.

Bike riding and hiking

Why not hire a bike and go for a ride along some of the region’s most stunning biking routes? Vendée offers one of the greatest cycling networks in France with 1,800 km of cycling paths and road riding routes.

Why not go for a stroll in the Vendée Valley or try your hand at the GR8 long-distance footpath, which has a 221 km trek through tiny villages and woods of the region?

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