UK School Ski Trip Stranded in New York After Hotel Shreds Passports

A school ski trip from the UK has been left stranded in New York after their hotel shredded their passports. The group of 44 students and five teachers from the Coventry area arrived in the city on Sunday, February 26, but were unable to leave their hotel after their passports were accidentally shredded by hotel staff. Here is what we know about the situation:

The Incident

The incident occurred on the evening of Sunday, February 26, when hotel staff at the Element Hotel in Times Square accidentally shredded the group’s passports. The passports had been collected by the hotel as part of the check-in process, but were mistakenly placed in a shredder by a member of staff.

The Response

After the passports were shredded, the group was left stranded in the hotel without their travel documents. The hotel initially offered to pay for new passports and flights for the group, but this offer was later retracted. The group has been in contact with the British Consulate in New York and is awaiting further assistance.

The Impact

The incident has had a significant impact on the group, who have been unable to leave their hotel and continue their ski trip. The group has already missed several days of skiing and is uncertain when they will be able to return to the UK. In addition, the cost of replacing the passports and rearranging travel plans is likely to be significant.

The Lessons Learned

The incident highlights the importance of ensuring that travel documents are kept safe and secure at all times. It also serves as a reminder that accidents can happen, even in reputable hotels. Travelers should always keep a photocopy of their passport and other important documents, and consider using a secure travel document holder or pouch to keep them safe.


In conclusion, the incident involving the school ski trip stranded in New York after their passports were shredded serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping travel documents safe and secure. While the group is awaiting further assistance from the British Consulate, the impact of the incident has been significant, and the cost of replacing passports and rearranging travel plans is likely to be significant. Travelers should always take precautions to protect their travel documents and be prepared for the unexpected.

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