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White Label Agreement In India

E-commerce should be mentioned in this context. It is a new type of business that removes almost all the barriers created by international borders and allows you to act across the boundaries of your product/service/property. This allows a company to spread out more markets than would normally be possible in a typical four-brick company. You can find out what e-commerce is in white label relationships by clicking here on the link to our previous article: you must label a white label or provide your own brand for White Label Reseller services and use the generic URL ( as an access URL for resold accounts. When drafting the contract, you must resolve all relationships with your counterpart, prevent and minimize all possible legal risks and liabilities and ensure that all contractual conditions comply with applicable legal provisions. At AGP, we are experienced in developing different types of contracts for individuals and businesses. Whatever role you play, you will in any case receive competent professional legal assistance when developing a white label agreement that will guarantee your legal rights and interests. We also offer a legal analysis service of the contracts you are offered as a manufacturer on a “take or leave” basis and help develop a risk reduction strategy. A marketing partner is an entity that manages or manages websites, banners or other online marketing paths that provide access to the original owner`s website. When a white-label agreement is used, it gives the Affiliate the opportunity to establish, promote, promote and market the affiliate`s original website on the affiliate`s website, so that the Affiliate can benefit from it using its own brands and brands. The rules and conditions governing this use by the subsidiary are all defined in the white-label agreement for the partnership between the two parties.

In general, an explicit warning is issued to the subsidiary to warn them not to modify proprietary materials or materials specific to the business owner. The agreement also specifies all the obligations of the related company as well as the obligations of the business owner. These obligations generally include the obligation to ensure the regular and uninterrupted operation of the website (including when used by commercial customers), payments, risk management, fraud detection, reporting, money laundering monitoring and content management. What are the conditions that will be included in the while label agreement? A white label agreement is a contract between a dealer and a manufacturer. This agreement regulates the production of products by the manufacturer and also determines the correct application of the dealer`s brand. An agreement on white labels contains specific and detailed provisions that contain the following elements: it is not always feasible or desirable to manufacture one`s own products, especially when they wish to offer a wide range of products. In many cases, this is never a problem. Retailers simply sell products made and branded by other companies.


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