10 Tips for Experiencing the Best of Your Bali Holiday

While planning out your holidaying in Bali, never forget to explore a lot of things that Bali has to offer, especially the freediving options in Bali. What of its luxury accommodation that would want you to spend all your days on earth in Bali? Bali may be awesome, there are still some tips that will help you enjoy your Bali holiday if you stick to them, and ten are discussed below.

bali indonesia

1. Visa

This may seem straightforward because before you travel to almost anywhere in the world, you need a visa, but that is not totally the case when Bali is concerned. Bali currently allows nationals of 169 nations to spend thirty days in Bali without a visa. For those not from the 169 countries, they are expected to pay USD 35. If you are not from any of 169 countries, try and get a visa.

2) Weather

The seasons in Bali are divided into two; West and Dry seasons. For those that are lovers of the wet season which has torrential rains, you can go from October to April. If on the other hand, you prefer the dry season to allow you to explore the wonders of Bali, then May to August should do well for you.

3) Special Days

While you are planning your Bali holiday, it is important to note that on Nyepi or Saka New Year, travels are not permitted in Bali. The day for Nyepi varies from year to year and is dependent on the Saka lunar calendar.

4) Driving

If you have plans to drive in Bali, you should be conversant with driving on the left because that’s what is obtainable there. Before you drive in Bali, you are expected to have an International drivers’ license. This means that even if you get a rental, and do not have an International drivers’ license, you won’t be permitted to drive motorbikes and cars. Defaulting the rule comes with its penalty.

5) Money

It is advisable that when you are traveling to a country that doesn’t use the same currency as yours, you get their currency. It is wise to exchange it to the one acceptable in the country you are going to. This principle applies to Bali too.

Currently, a dollar is exchanged for IDR 14,000. While at Bali, the ATMs there are known to dispense either IDR 50,000 or 100,000 bills.

Using a foreign bank card comes with its charges, though they vary on the kind used. While in Bali, try to avoid rigged units and skimmers. If you want cash, make use of solely the ATMs on the street; there are many of them in Bali.

Don’t forget your card and money when you plan to make any transaction.

bali indonesia

6) Sim Cards

There is a great chance that your SIM card from your country may not be functional in Bali. It won’t be a bad idea to get a new one in any of the convenient store or kiosk on the street of Bali. A lot of these SIM cards are configured to be mobile internet ready. When you buy a SIM card, don’t forget to verify the SIM factors. Ensure it is functional upon purchase.

7) Electricity

From country to country, the prescribed voltage usually varies, and this is the same with Bali. It is important that you check if your gadget can be powered by the electric voltage of Bali to prevent a power surge from blowing your devices. If it can’t, you can consider using an alternative. Bali currently has electricity with a voltage of 220 Volts, 50Hz.

Like electric voltage varies from country to country, the same can be said for electrical plugs. The electrical plugs allowed in Bali are usually two-pronged ‘Europlug’ type.

8) Temples

Temples dot the terrain of Bali, and visitors are allowed to enter there. While there, it is important that you have a sarong on. A sarong is a sash you tie around your waist. It can be rented at the entrance in case you didn’t come with yours. In the Temple, a keeper may approach you and show you the donation box.

It is seen as rude to make use of your left foot or hand to gesture; make use of your right foot and hand instead.

9) Water

In your country, tap water may be portable and safe to drink, but not in Bali. It is advisable to stay away from tap water. If you are in a reputable hotel, bar or restaurant, you can always make use of their ice. Opt for bottled water as much as you can to prevent typhoid from paying you a visit.

10) Drugs

Under no condition are you allowed to be seen with any prohibited substance especially drugs? Some places may give you a slap on the wrist when caught with drugs, but not Bali. In Bali, death is the penalty for drugs.

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