5 Best Indonesian Foods in Singapore

Among several countries outside Indonesia, Singapore happens to be the closest within Southeast Asia. Culturally and geographically, Singapore shares a lot in common with Indonesia. The Islamic religion practiced by the majority of Indonesians does not permit eating prohibited (haram) foods. Singapore boasts of having professional Muslim chefs that can prepare Indonesian meals the halal (permissible) way.

Indonesian cuisines are known for their delicious and tantalizing tastes. They have irresistible spices used to prepare mouth-watering delicacies ranging from Martabak to Tauhu Telor. You can find a great number of Indonesian restaurants in Singapore that are halal. Smile Martabak is a prestigious halal restaurant in the heart of Singapore that is known for its irresistible Martabak, an Indonesian giant pancake.

Let’s cut the chase and jump to the 5 best Indonesian foods you can find in Singapore. I will discuss the recipe of each cuisine in case you want to prepare any that piques your interest. Read on as I highlight these savory Indonesian meals.

  1. Tauhu Telur
tahu telur

Also known as Tahu Telur or an elevated fried Tofu, the crispy Indonesian omelet is served with creamy sauce or a spicy topping. Fried tofu is a staple among Asians and represents an important vegetarian soy-based appetizer for westerners. Silken tofu is a kind used to prepare this delicious dish because of its creamy and soft texture.

Ingredients Required: Tofu, cornstarch, eggs, salt, carrots, vegetable oil, bean sprouts, cucumber, peanuts, chili oil, garlic oil, peanut butter, and soy sauce.


  • Dice your tofu into small cubes.
  • Beat your eggs, and mix in the cornstarch to a smooth consistency. Then pour in the diced tofu and add some salt. Stir your mixture gently.
  • Place a cylindrical metal open at both ends inside your pan of oil on medium heat.
  • Pour in your tofu-egg mixture to fill up the metal ring.
  • Fry for about 10 minutes and ensure the omelet is well cooked to permit easy removal from either end.
  • Use a knife similar to this Mini Katana to remove your cooked tofu onto a plate and get ready to prepare the topping.
  • Add peanut butter to the sauce ingredients and stir then spread on the omelet.
  • Place your diced cucumber, carrots, and bean sprouts around the omelet and sprinkle the peanuts (crushed).
  1. Martabak

Martabak is a spectacular Indonesian food sold in Singapore mainly at Smile Martabak. Smile Martabak is Singapore’s No.1 restaurant for exceptional Indonesian Martabak. Martabak is a specially prepared thick pancake with a delicious, sweet taste. It is prepared with added fillings ranging from roasted peanuts, chocolate, sesame seeds, cheddar cheese, and condensed milk. At Smile Martabak, you will find martabak varieties ranging from pandan cheese, choco cheese, cream cheese, to ondeh-ondeh special. The specialty ascribed to this savory pancake is its airy and elastic batter.

Ingredients Required: All-purpose flour, tapioca flour, caster sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, water, baking powder, oil, sweetened condensed milk, unsalted butter, milk chocolate, grated cheese, and chopped or roasted peanuts.


  • Stir flour, tapioca flour, and sugar together in a stand mixer bowl. Make a hole in the middle of the mixture and break your eggs, water, and vanilla extract.
  • Beat the entire content of the bowl with a whisk until it is smooth in texture. Continue to mix until the batter becomes gooey and sticky.
  • Add baking soda, baking powder, and little water to the batter then mix again.
  • Keep the mixture covered with a cloth in a warm place for about 2 hours.
  • Share the batter into three parts and heat a pan at medium temperature after brushing its base with oil or butter.
  • Pour one part of your mixture into the heated pan and cover. Allow it to cook till you see bubbles on the surface.
  • Remove the cover when the batter is half-done and sprinkle some caster sugar on the surface.
  • Replace the lid and continue cooking over medium heat.
  • Transfer the cooked martabak to a cutting board and get ready to prepare the fillings.
  • Apply melted butter all over the martabak surface, spread chopped milk chocolate, condensed milk, peanuts, and grated cheese.
  • Forming a semi-circle shape, fold your dressed martabak halfway and cut it into five equal portions after brushing with dissolved butter.
  • Follow the same steps above with the remaining 2 parts of your batter.
  1. Beef Rendang
beef rendang

In 2011, over 35,000 people on CNN Travel voted Beef Rendang as the world’s most delicious food. Rendang is a specially simmered beef curry dish where the meat soaks up all the spices. Classic rendang comes out dry after cooking in all flavors and coconut milk for about 3 hours. It can last up to 4 weeks if kept at room temperature or as long as 6 months in a fridge. Pemasak is the basic recipe of a mixture of ingredients and spices for the beef rendang.

Ingredients Required: Beef, coconut milk, oil, crushed coconut, and tamarind extract. Other ingredients are spices (whole, wet, or powdered)


  • Blend all the wet ingredients and spices then add oil to a skillet on medium heat and cook for about 30 minutes until oil starts separating.
  • Pour the powdered spices into the paste inside the skillet and fry for 5 minutes.
  • Coat the beef with the paste inside the skillet and fry for a minute.
  • Simmer uncovered for 3 hours on low heat after pouring the coconut milk into the skillet.
  • Finally, add palm sugar and salt for taste.
  1. Nasi goreng
nasa goreng

Nasi goreng is another Indonesian dish among the best five sold in Singapore.

The key ingredients for preparing this fried rice-inspired dish include shallots, chicken or shrimp paste, garlic, and kacap manis (sweetened soy sauce). Nasi goreng is normally served with prawn crackers, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and scrambled or fried egg.

Procedure: Cook as you would prepare a regular fried rice dish and serve with the toppings mentioned above.

  1. Soto Ayam
soto ayam

This is a chicken soup dish commonly sold in Singapore. Soto Ayam or Soto is prepared specially with galangal, an Asian native plant similar to the ginger family. Other ingredients are fresh turmeric, lemongrass, coconut milk, fresh ginger, lemon leaves, and kaffir lime. Serve with boiled eggs and cooked rice.

Final Thoughts

Are you concerned about finding indigenous dishes while in Singapore? As an Indonesian, worry not because you will surely obtain all the dishes mentioned in this article and more. If you aren’t an Indonesian but relish the taste of their exquisite meals, don’t cancel that trip to Singapore just because you aren’t sure of getting the food you love right there. Smile Martabak should be your first stop while in Singapore.

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