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Evanston, Illinois is a charming city located just north of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan. Known for its picturesque neighborhoods, excellent restaurants, and cultural attractions, Evanston is a great destination for visitors looking to explore the Midwest. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best things to see and do in Evanston, as well as tips for getting around and where to stay.

Getting Around

The best way to explore Evanston is on foot. The city is relatively small and most of the major attractions are located within walking distance of one another. If you plan to explore the city more extensively, consider renting a bike or taking public transportation. Evanston is well-connected by the CTA and Metra train systems, making it easy to travel to and from Chicago.

Things to See and Do

Evanston is home to several museums and cultural attractions, including the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, and the Evanston History Center. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful lakefront, which features a number of parks and beaches, as well as the Evanston Lighthouse.

Another popular attraction is the Evanston Farmers Market, which takes place on Saturdays from May to November. The market features a wide variety of local produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods, as well as live music and other entertainment.

For those interested in shopping and dining, Evanston offers a diverse selection of stores and restaurants. The city’s main shopping district is located along Central Street, which features a mix of independent shops and national retailers. For dining, be sure to try some of Evanston’s famous pizza or some of the local seafood.

Where to Stay

Evanston offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly hotels to luxury resorts. For those looking for a unique experience, consider staying in one of the city’s many bed and breakfasts or vacation rentals.


Evanston, Illinois is a great destination for visitors looking to explore the Midwest. With its charming neighborhoods, excellent restaurants, and cultural attractions, the city offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or simply enjoying the outdoors, Evanston is a great place to visit. By following this guide, you will be able to make the most of your trip and take in all the sights and sounds that this beautiful city has to offer.

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